Summer Youth Classes – Day 2; Session 2

Our second day of camp with all the kids was great!  We learned new skills, new knowledge, and new ways to have fun!

Learning all about still life

Sketching a future masterpiece

What better way to learn about dinosaurs than to go see some in the Museum?

How long was T. rex's tail?

Future fashion designers

Are crayons, markers, or pencils best?

Sometimes you need a buddy to help ya get ready

Designing a pink wedding gown!

Carefully draping and measuring fabric

What color ribbon should I use?

Teamwork necessary when designing new clothes

That's one scary nocturnal bug!

Consulting with other artists

Checking out the tornado swirling in the bottle

Playing some tornado tag!

Beautiful piece of abstract art!

That’s all for day 2 of classes. See you tomorrow!

S@TM – July

This Saturday at the Museum was especially fun since we were celebrating National Ice Cream Day!  We made some tasty ice cream treats using only a couple simple ingredients.

Ice Cream in a Bag Recipe:
1 tbsp. sugar
1/2 cup milk or half-and-half
1/4 tsp. vanilla
6 tbsp. rock salt
1 sandwich plastic food storage bag (Ziploc, Glad, etc.)
1 quart-size plastic food storage bag
Ice cubes

How to Make It:
1.  Fill the larger bag half full of ice, and add rock salt.  Seal the bag
2.  Put milk, vanilla, and sugar into the small bag, and seal it.
3.  Place the small bag inside the large one, and seal it again carefully
4.  Shake the contents until the mixture is ice cream, which should only take a few minutes
5.  Wipe off the top of the small bag, open carefully, and enjoy!  Yum!

Gathering up all the necessary ingredients

Working together to make some ice cream!

Yum- that looks tasty!

Shakin' up the ice cream mixture

Looks like they're enjoying a cool treat!

Another great feature of our S@TM program is guided public tours through the wedding dress exhibition! The Curator of Ethnology and Textiles, Mei Campbell, led our visitors through the gallery.

We hope everyone had a great time making ice cream for National Ice Cream Day! The Museum is always a great place to cool off when the temperatures in Lubbock get over 100!

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Saturday @ the Museum – June 20

This month’s Sat. @ the Museum highlighted the new exhibition “They Weren’t Always White—Wedding Attire from the Museum’s Collection.”

Families were invited to be fashion designers for the afternoon and craft a unique outfit for a paper doll!

Future fashion designers hard at work

What fabric should I choose?

You can give your doll any hair-style you like!

Designing a fabulous dress

Our fashionistas hard at work

All families were invited to make an outfit!

Some very stylish outfits

Lovin' the blue hair

Beautiful work, ladies!

At 2:30, the Curator of Textiles, Mei Campbell, led a guided tour through the Wedding Dress Gallery. This will be an on-going event throughout the year!

Beginning her tour

Teaching our visitors all about the dresses

What a pretty veil


This was a fun project for a Sat.; we hope to see you in July for “Take Me Out to the Museum” on July 2, and our “We Scream for Ice Cream” themed S@TM on July 16!

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