Toddler Tuesday – July

This Toddler Tuesday we learned all about water!  We discussed what water’s used for, where you can find water, and what you wear while playing in water.

Coloring the states of matter

Say cheese!

We visited the Explorium to learn all about the different states of water–solid, liquid, and gas–and where we can find water in all these forms.

Does anyone like playing in the water?

Does anyone help water their garden at home?

Has anyone in Lubbock been ice skating? No...?

Next, we headed into the Sculpture Court to trace our toddler’s body and “dress” them in clothes for a trip to the beach or pool!

Tracing bodies requires family teamwork!

Tracing all the way down to their toes...

Action-man pose!

Stay very still...

Is your swim suit pink?

Let mom do the tracing

Should you wear sunglasses?

We headed outside to participate in some fun water activities! We had a “sink or float?” station, a big pool of bubbles, and tubs full of water toys!

Pool of bubbles!

Ready to water some flowers

Cup of water!

What does the water feel like?

Does a tennis ball sink or float?

Splish splash

Lots of tubs full of water!

Hmm... what's in there?

Working together

Get those duckies in the water!

Whoa, that's a big bubble!

Crowded at the watering hole

Filling up a basket with water

This was the perfect activity for a hot, summer day in Lubbock! We hope to see everyone next month for Toddler Tuesday all about exercise and healthy bodies.

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