Summer Youth Classes – Day 5; Session 1

Well, it’s the last day of camp and our campers are ready wrap things up with some fun, exciting activities!

Using a unique "bird beak" to grab worms out of the mud!

What kind of a bird has a beak like a strainer?

What are our future engineers working on today?

What can a microscope see that our eyes can't?

Whoa, check out those bird eggs!

Working on some viking portraits

That's one beautiful butterfly!

Making a weather vane using household items

Smile and say cheese!

Finishing up that viking painting

Wow, what a neat animal habitat

Finishing touches on those structures

We hope everyone has a week full of educational fun! We can’t wait to see everyone back next year for more hands-on science, art, and history learning!

Summer Youth Classes – Day 4; Session 1

Everyone joined us for another day of camp on this wonderful Thursday. Look at our fantastic photos!

Match the plant parts...

Learning all about Viking armor!

A star being formed before my eyes

Today we went to Greece!

Ready for viking battle

Viking warriors building their armor

Can you catch the bear's tail?

What constellation has a bear tail? Ursa major!

Keeping their penguins warm with lots of feathers

What color is your fluffy penguin?

Construction zone - beware!

Sprinkle on the nebula dust...

Can’t wait to see everyone at our last day of camp tomorrow!

Summer Youth Classes – Day 3; Session 1

It was our third day of summer youth classes and we are still having blast learning and experimenting with new things!

Working hard

Learning more abou viking heritage

Our worldly builders are building away

Carefully cutting out building pieces

Sand is a key part of desert environments

Very colorful sand

Shaking the sand around

Check it out! Desert landscape

Our future astronomers working together

Beautiful galaxy

What do you think of my galaxy?

Reviewing the anatomy of a flower

Learning about desert creatures we study at the Museum

Checking out the bats in the Explorium

Engineers hard at work

Building ancient structures

I can see youuuuu...

Building a telescope to check out the stars

Can you find the stamen on a lily?

Measuring viking materials

Carefully stretching string

Today was great! We can’t wait to see the campers tomorrow!

Summer Youth Classes – Day 2; Session 1

Our second day of camp was full of rainforest animals, weather, and viking ships!  We took some great pictures of the kids having fun while learning great things!

Learning the stories behind the stars in the sky

Do you know where Ursa major is?

Learning the parts of a flower

Reviewing the creatures in coral reefs

Learning all about vikings!

Everyone loves bubbles!

Hm, what's happening in there?

What can you make with ice and petroleum jelly?

Ooo chemical reactions taking place before our eyes!

Weather in the classroom!

Working together to assemble a long boat

What are the different parts of a long boat?

Do you see the petals and seeds?

Question about the galaxy?

Checking out some rainforest insects

Constructing a Colosseum

What kind of space story are you creating?

Teamwork at the student table

Working hard to assemble their viking long ships

Very focused on building construction

Magnificent picture!

A green longboat! Wow!

Making rain sticks to simulate a rainforest

Can you hear the rain?

Sometimes the teacher can help with finishing touches

Whoa! A tornado in a bottle!

Swirling tornadoes around and around...

Learning about the rainforest also required doing a rain dance for Lubbock

Today was a lot of fun!  Tomorrow will be even more creative ways to learn about art, science, and engineering!

Summer Youth Classes – Day 1; Session 1

Monday marked our first day of Summer Youth Classes at the Museum!  Children entering grades K – 5 visited the Museum for an afternoon full of hands-on activities and educational fun!  Our first session of classes included:

  • Exploring Earth’s Ecosystems
  • Budding Botanists
  • Amazing Stargazing
  • Let’s Go A-Viking
  • Worldly Builders
  • Cloudy With A Chance Of…???

We walked around and snapped some great photos of the kids in action:

Check out that black tipped reef shark!

Our future botanists coloring some water lillies

Vikings building their long-houses

Using branches to make their houses

Make those houses secure!

Getting ready to watch their water lillies bloom

Are they opening?

I see a green lily!

Future engineers building some great structures

What famous building are you re-creating?

Making a beautiful sea scene

Our sea creatures are bioluminescent!

Fishy faces!

Cloudy With A Chance of...?? Lightening?

What happens in the water cycle?

Creating cool constellations

What does the Big Dipper look like?

What's the name of your constellation?

Sea scene and whale habitat complete!

Building the Great Pyraminds

The first day was a lot of fun, can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!