Bedtime @ The Museum – September

For this month’s Bedtime @ The Museum, we read Astronaut Handbook and decorated our own space helmets with our picture inside.  We learned all about how to be an astronaut and how to live in space!

It's storytime at the Museum!

3, 2, 1...BLASTOFF!!!

Family Teamwork is the best!

Working on their space helmets!

Coloring the outer helmet!

Drawing themselves in the helmet!

Great job on the coloring!

A space helmet will protect you when you are outside the space shuttle!

Can you eat cookies in space?

Juice helps to wash down the cookies!

The activities at Bedtime @ The Museum are so much fun!

Which color should my helmet be?

Coloring is so much fun!

I love space!

The final product!

Bedtime @ The Museum is so much fun!

We had a FAR OUT time at this Bedtime! Join us next month for Clifford’s Scary Halloween!

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Bedtime @ the Museum – May

Last night’s “Bedtime @ the Museum” was full of animals with armor, like turtles, lobsters, clams, snails, and even armadillos!  Our story of choice was The Armadillo from Amarillo by Lynne Cherry.

Brittany started by reading in the Explorium to our visitors:

An Armadillo from Amarillo, Texas?

He traveled to San Antonio, Austin, and Lubbock, too!

Now we're going to make our own armored armadillo!

Using sequins as armor, we covered the armadillo with a shiny, hard shell!

Diligently coloring the armadillo

Hmm... where should I put his armor?

What color are armadillos?

Make sure you get all his armor in just the right spot!

Wow, that's one armored armadillo!

Is that a blue armadillo?

Quite a stylish armadillo

And the best part of B@TM? M&M cookies!

We had fun learning all about armored animals while enjoying a yummy bedtime snack.

Bedtime @ the Museum is the 3rd Thursday of every month.  It’s a FREE program for children 8 and under with an accompanying adult.

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