Bedtime @ The Museum – September

For this month’s Bedtime @ The Museum, we read Astronaut Handbook and decorated our own space helmets with our picture inside.  We learned all about how to be an astronaut and how to live in space!

It's storytime at the Museum!

3, 2, 1...BLASTOFF!!!

Family Teamwork is the best!

Working on their space helmets!

Coloring the outer helmet!

Drawing themselves in the helmet!

Great job on the coloring!

A space helmet will protect you when you are outside the space shuttle!

Can you eat cookies in space?

Juice helps to wash down the cookies!

The activities at Bedtime @ The Museum are so much fun!

Which color should my helmet be?

Coloring is so much fun!

I love space!

The final product!

Bedtime @ The Museum is so much fun!

We had a FAR OUT time at this Bedtime! Join us next month for Clifford’s Scary Halloween!

Questions about children’s programs at the Museum?                      Contact the Museum’s Education Division:                                              806.742.2432                                                              



Summer Youth Classes – Day 2; Session 1

Our second day of camp was full of rainforest animals, weather, and viking ships!  We took some great pictures of the kids having fun while learning great things!

Learning the stories behind the stars in the sky

Do you know where Ursa major is?

Learning the parts of a flower

Reviewing the creatures in coral reefs

Learning all about vikings!

Everyone loves bubbles!

Hm, what's happening in there?

What can you make with ice and petroleum jelly?

Ooo chemical reactions taking place before our eyes!

Weather in the classroom!

Working together to assemble a long boat

What are the different parts of a long boat?

Do you see the petals and seeds?

Question about the galaxy?

Checking out some rainforest insects

Constructing a Colosseum

What kind of space story are you creating?

Teamwork at the student table

Working hard to assemble their viking long ships

Very focused on building construction

Magnificent picture!

A green longboat! Wow!

Making rain sticks to simulate a rainforest

Can you hear the rain?

Sometimes the teacher can help with finishing touches

Whoa! A tornado in a bottle!

Swirling tornadoes around and around...

Learning about the rainforest also required doing a rain dance for Lubbock

Today was a lot of fun!  Tomorrow will be even more creative ways to learn about art, science, and engineering!

Junior Einsteins – Day 3

Today we learned all about outer space, our solar system, and rocket ships!

We started the day with touchy-feely bags full of mysterious objects like fluffy cotton balls, sea shells, and even bamboo!

What did you find?

Hm, what's inside?

Peeking inside

Next, we used different sized meteorites to make impact craters in the moon’s surface

What does the moon's surface feel like?

Meteorite soaring through space!

Feeling the craters on the moon's surface

Different size craters!

We then learned about things in the night sky, like shooting stars and comets

Glow-in-the-dark comets

Painting the comet

What color should my comet be?

Working hard

Keep painting...

Will this glow-in-the-dark?

Comet coloring


Yellow comet

Finally, we used space stickers to decorate our rockets!

Decorating our rockets with stickers before take-off

Pouring in the rocket fuel

Gathered around the launching pad

Countdown starts at 3...2....1

Time to launch!

We learned so much about outer space today! Tomorrow will be all about animals!