Picture This! Youth Digital Photography Workshop

This past Saturday, Brittany taught a weekend workshop all about digital photography.  We learned all about photograph composition, vantage points, and matting images!

We started the day by testing our outdoor photography skills

You have to make sure you get a good angle!

How will water look in a picture?

We weren't afraid of getting in the dirt to get a good picture!

Next, we used fabric, fake plants, toy animals, and building blocks to create life-like themed scenes around the classroom. Students were challenged to make 4 different scenes: space, jungle, castle, and pirate ship.

Constructing a castle for our themed scene shoot

Working together to make a space scene

Using blue fabric to simulate the ocean

Creating a rain forest full of wild animals

Say cheese!

Another attempt at castle construction

Future photographers hard at work

Of course the parrot sits on top the mast

Trying their best to make Earth fit into outer space

Working hard on a symmetry exercise

Asking Sarah for some artistic insight

Next, we headed over to the National Ranching Heritage Center to snap some photos of wildlife, historic houses, and nature.

Flowers always make for a pretty picture

Being a good photographer means getting pictures at all angles!

Windows can act as great photo frames!

Hm, what's in there?

Peeking through the window

We finished the day with a Photo Scavenger Hunt!

Goofy girls!

Everyone had a great time and took some really beautiful pictures!

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