Bedtime @ the Museum – July

For this month’s Bedtime @ the Museum we read the Pout-Pout Fish and made a fun set of pouty and kissy lips.  The book was all about a sad fish that wouldn’t cheer up until he got a lovely kiss from another fish in the sea!

First, before we begin the story, it’s very important to get all our wiggles out!


I'm a sad fish... blub, blub, blub

Our audience had some very good listeners

A kiss from a fish was all it took to cheer him up!

Making some pout-pout lips

Thanks, mom! Pretty lips

Mmm... beditme snacks are the best

Using glitter requires great concentration

Family teamwork

Apple juice - yum!

Blub, blub, blub lips

Where's your yummy cookie?

Listening to the story with their new pout-pout lips

This bedtime was full of fishy fun! Join us next month for some more story time fun!

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Summer Youth Classes – Day 4; Session 2

It was our 4th day of learning fun, new things during our week of Summer Youth Classes. Explore the exciting photos from the day:

Learning about more nighttime creatures

Teamwork required for draping fabric

Checking out some interesting ivory carvings

African Art gallery - cool!

Erosion in action!

Did the levee break?

Dinosaur construction in progress

Preparing her assemblage

Finishing up some beautiful dress work

Check out my dinosaur!

Ooo a blue box assemblage

Inventing a plant

This blue looks beautiful

What a pretty dress!

That's a magnificent mobile

Werewolves are nocturnal animals, too!

Look at the butterfly on that kite!

Blue kite tail - cool!

Ooo that plant has pinecones

Let's go fly a kite!

Look at it soar!

It's a bird, it's a plane....

Tomorrow is our last day – see ya Friday!

Summer Youth Classes – Day 1; Session 2

Our second set of Summer Youth Classes was held Monday afternoon. These classes were on a variety of cool art and science topics, such as:

  • Earth Alert: Natural Disasters
  • Pequeno Pecassos
  • Creatures of the Night
  • Diggin’ Up Dinos
  • Abstraction Action
  • Fashion Studio

Our campers did a lot of great hands-on activities while learning some valuable knowledge about all these subjects.  Check out the pictures to see the kids at work!

Our Fashion Studio students learning all about style

Gearing up to make a masterpiece

Making an abstract work of art

Making craters with different sized meteors

Learning how to be a fashionista

Future Picassos discussing their art

Which animals sleep all day and play all night?

Bat, owls, and mice are active at night

Hm, what is abstract art?

Piecing together Pangaea

What can supercontinents tell us about our past?

Constructing volcanoes

Getting ready for eruption

Showing us how Picasso uses different shapes in his art

Putting together shapes for Picasso-like paintings

Consulting about a new clothing line

Post-eruption, cleaning up the "lava"

These classes were a great end to our Monday. Let’s see what fun activities we do tomorrow!