Bedtime @ The Museum – September

For this month’s Bedtime @ The Museum, we read Astronaut Handbook and decorated our own space helmets with our picture inside.  We learned all about how to be an astronaut and how to live in space!

It's storytime at the Museum!

3, 2, 1...BLASTOFF!!!

Family Teamwork is the best!

Working on their space helmets!

Coloring the outer helmet!

Drawing themselves in the helmet!

Great job on the coloring!

A space helmet will protect you when you are outside the space shuttle!

Can you eat cookies in space?

Juice helps to wash down the cookies!

The activities at Bedtime @ The Museum are so much fun!

Which color should my helmet be?

Coloring is so much fun!

I love space!

The final product!

Bedtime @ The Museum is so much fun!

We had a FAR OUT time at this Bedtime! Join us next month for Clifford’s Scary Halloween!

Questions about children’s programs at the Museum?                      Contact the Museum’s Education Division:                                              806.742.2432                                                              



Bedtime @ The Museum is moving to a new night!

Join us at the MoTTU for a bedtime story on first Friday of each month!  After the story, participants can make a craft and enjoy a light bedtime snack.  Kids may even wear their PJs!

Upcoming Bedtime@The Museum dates:

  • September 2
  • October 7
  • November 4
  • December 2

For kids ages 8 and under with accompanying adults.  FREE of CHARGE!

All welcome for story.  Craft activity limited to first 20 participants; no registration required.  First come, first served.

Contact the Museum Education Office at 806.742.2432 or by email to

Bedtime @ The Museum – August

For this month’s Bedtime @ The Museum  we read How Do Dinosaurs Go To School? and made a Triceratops mask.  Since everyone was getting ready to go back to school next week, we thought this was an excellent bedtime book!

How do dinosaurs go to school?

Do they roar out of turn?

No..They help out their classmates and are good listeners!

Decorating a dino mask

Wow! Look at that Triceratops!

Yum, Animal Crackers!

Are you having as much fun as we are learning about dinosaurs??

I love dinosaur coloring pages!!

Making a dinosaur mask is hard work

What color were the dinosaurs?

Look at that dinosaur! Roar!

Look how many horns that dinosaur has!

This bedtime was a ROARIN’ good time! Join us next month for Astronaut Handbook!

Questions about children’s programs at the Museum?                      Contact the Museum’s Education Division:                                              806.742.2432                                                              

Toddler Tuesday – July

This Toddler Tuesday we learned all about water!  We discussed what water’s used for, where you can find water, and what you wear while playing in water.

Coloring the states of matter

Say cheese!

We visited the Explorium to learn all about the different states of water–solid, liquid, and gas–and where we can find water in all these forms.

Does anyone like playing in the water?

Does anyone help water their garden at home?

Has anyone in Lubbock been ice skating? No...?

Next, we headed into the Sculpture Court to trace our toddler’s body and “dress” them in clothes for a trip to the beach or pool!

Tracing bodies requires family teamwork!

Tracing all the way down to their toes...

Action-man pose!

Stay very still...

Is your swim suit pink?

Let mom do the tracing

Should you wear sunglasses?

We headed outside to participate in some fun water activities! We had a “sink or float?” station, a big pool of bubbles, and tubs full of water toys!

Pool of bubbles!

Ready to water some flowers

Cup of water!

What does the water feel like?

Does a tennis ball sink or float?

Splish splash

Lots of tubs full of water!

Hmm... what's in there?

Working together

Get those duckies in the water!

Whoa, that's a big bubble!

Crowded at the watering hole

Filling up a basket with water

This was the perfect activity for a hot, summer day in Lubbock! We hope to see everyone next month for Toddler Tuesday all about exercise and healthy bodies.

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Take Me Out to the Museum – Family Baseball Day

At the Museum, our 4th of July was spent playing the all-American sport of baseball! We invited families to stop by and make their own baseball cap, design a pennant, play some baseball bingo, and even hit some home runs!

Check out some of the fun photos from our Baseball Family Day held in conjunction with the exhibition: We Are the Ship

Throw a home run

Throwing 2 balls at once - nice strategy!

Decorating a baseball cap

Just like baseball fans get foam-fingers to cheer for their favorite teams, we gave visitors the opportunity to decorate their own “foam”-finger!

Representing the pink team

What team are you cheering for?

Decorating a pennant for his favorite team

Baseball caps can be any color you want!

We were fortunate to have music studies students from TTU volunteer their time to play classic baseball hits, like “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.

Future Bach?

Anyone have Bingo?

Did you throw a home run?

We were so lucky to have “Hitters Row” there that afternoon to play some baseball with kids, and teach them the proper way to hit and throw, too!

Winding up to smack that curve-ball!

One of the most fun stations was the “7th Inning Stretch” where kids (and adults) could participate in an obstacle course!  They had to spin around the bat 5 times, crawl through a tube, jump through a latter, and weave in-and-out of cones before racing to finish line.

This was so much fun to watch!  The kids had a blast!

5 spins around the bat...

High knees!

Even the little ones wanted to try the obstacle course

We let the big kids have some fun, too 🙂

It's a little harder for the big kids to fit through the tiny tubes...

Working as a family team to color a baseball cap

On your mark... get set...

Crawling through the tubes is a piece of cake when you're little!

There was also some sibling rivelry...

Nice hit!

Winding up for a big throw

Which team are your cheering for?

Practicing pitching

Looks like a fast-ball to me!

Looks like one for the blue team, one for the green team

Showing off her award-winning medal

Getting ready to hit a grand slam!

Check out that agility!

Wow, those pennants look great!

Future Babe Ruth

Playing some catch

Working hard on his foam finger

That's a serious hitting stance

Grand slam, out of the park!

Working hard to design a pennant

Picture with our baseball mannequin family

Go team, go!

In the afternoon, guests from the College Baseball Hall of Fame joined us for a Black College Baseball panel discussion, very interesting.

Black College Baseball Panel Discussion

Take Me Out to the Museum was a great success!  We hope visitors enjoyed playing some baseball while checking out our interesting travel exhibition: We Are the Ship.  We hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!