Junior Einsteins – Day 3

Today we learned all about outer space, our solar system, and rocket ships!

We started the day with touchy-feely bags full of mysterious objects like fluffy cotton balls, sea shells, and even bamboo!

What did you find?

Hm, what's inside?

Peeking inside

Next, we used different sized meteorites to make impact craters in the moon’s surface

What does the moon's surface feel like?

Meteorite soaring through space!

Feeling the craters on the moon's surface

Different size craters!

We then learned about things in the night sky, like shooting stars and comets

Glow-in-the-dark comets

Painting the comet

What color should my comet be?

Working hard

Keep painting...

Will this glow-in-the-dark?

Comet coloring


Yellow comet

Finally, we used space stickers to decorate our rockets!

Decorating our rockets with stickers before take-off

Pouring in the rocket fuel

Gathered around the launching pad

Countdown starts at 3...2....1

Time to launch!

We learned so much about outer space today! Tomorrow will be all about animals!

Junior Einsteins – Day 1

We spent the day learning all about chemical reactions and how they relate to our 5 senses!  We started off by exploring our sense of touch making Oobleck!

What do we need to make Oobleck?








Next, we played with GIANT ice cubes and tested different methods to make them melt…

More pictures to come tomorrow… stay tuned!

How can we change ice from a solid to a liquid?

Should we add salt? Warm water?

Time for bubbles!

Giant pool of bubbles!

Can we put you in a bubble?