Biology of My Backyard – Day 1

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the delay on the post, but here are some awesome photos from our day of learning all about incredible insects!

We started the afternoon by learning the parts of an insect.  What better way to do that than dress Natalie up like a bee?  🙂

A true bee isn't complete without compound eyes!

How many legs does an insect have?














We then went outside with our compound eyes to see like a bug sees, and search for some bugs of our own!

Are there any bugs outside the Museum?

Brittany took us in the Explorium to learn all about the roles of bees in the hive














We ventured back outside to learn how bees communicate by flying in different patterns. Here we are working together to fly in a figure 8!

All our worker bees flying in a figure 8!







Next, we learned how bees get food and tell other bees where to find food. We traveled long distances from the hive to the flower field in search of nectar (sugar cubes)!

Busy worker bees in search of nectar

Searching the flower field for nectar













To finish up the day, everyone was asked to invent a bug of their own. They were all very colorful and creative!

Creating a bug from scratch

Those are some serious antennae!

Quite a colorful critter!

Safely securing all insect appendages

Well, that looks the friendliest of the creepy crawlers

Hmm... what color should I make my bug?

Put those insects together!

Some extravagant wings!

Workin' hard

Awesome wings!