Summer Youth Classes – Day 5; Session 1

Well, it’s the last day of camp and our campers are ready wrap things up with some fun, exciting activities!

Using a unique "bird beak" to grab worms out of the mud!

What kind of a bird has a beak like a strainer?

What are our future engineers working on today?

What can a microscope see that our eyes can't?

Whoa, check out those bird eggs!

Working on some viking portraits

That's one beautiful butterfly!

Making a weather vane using household items

Smile and say cheese!

Finishing up that viking painting

Wow, what a neat animal habitat

Finishing touches on those structures

We hope everyone has a week full of educational fun! We can’t wait to see everyone back next year for more hands-on science, art, and history learning!

Biology of My Backyard – Day 2

Today we learned all about mammals!  We discussed the characteristics of mammals–body hair, ability to regulate their own body temperature, give live birth.

Reviewing the insect life cycle from yesterday

Feeling the teeth in a cow skull

What sharp teeth you have! (polar bear skull)

Learning the differences between carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores

Carnivore or herbivore?

Comparing the bob cat skull to the cougar

Learning all about molars, canines, and incisors

We then learned about camouflage, so we acted like birds looking for worms (bits of string). We quickly learned it was easier to find the bright colors instead of browns and yellows 🙂

Where are the worms?

Still searching...

We finished the day by discussing habitats and learning what basic needs animals have in order to survive.

Where do these animals live?

Putting animals in their correct habitat

Everyone was given an animal to build a habitat for… this varied from monkeys to iguanas to toucans!

Creating our own habitats

Future biologists building habitats

Lush rainforest for the toucan

African savannah for the lion

Busy builders

Habitats almost complete

Great habitat for an elephant... even a cave!

Jungle complete!

Lots of fun with skulls and habitats! Tomorrow is all about birds!