Toddler Tuesday – “Fly Your Flag”

Today we learned all about the American flag in honor of Flag Day!

Brittany read us the story Red, White, and Blue by John Herman.

We started by reading a story about our flag

How many stripes are on our flag?

How many stars?

Now let's learn the Pledge of Allegiance

After learning all about our flag’s history and what the symbols on it mean, we decided to make our very own unique flag!

What should my flag look like?

Green dots - perfect!

A pink and purple flag!

Let's glue some pretty paper on here

Look at this, mom!

Sometimes using scissors requires teamwork

That flag looks fluffy!

How colorful!

This orange paper would look good on my flag

What do you think about my blue polka dots?

Family teamwork is great!

Cutting requires concentration...

Quite a colorful flag - awesome!

Brittany gave us flags to take home, too! Now everyone is ready for the 4th of July!

Flying your American flag!

Very patriotic

Two flags!

Red, white, and blue

That's a pretty flag!

Flying my flag


Toddler Tuesday is always a fun time!  Now we know all about the history of the U.S. flag, what the stars and stripes mean, and how to make our very own flag!  Next month is all about fun with water.

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