Bedtime @ The Museum – August

For this month’s Bedtime @ The Museum  we read How Do Dinosaurs Go To School? and made a Triceratops mask.  Since everyone was getting ready to go back to school next week, we thought this was an excellent bedtime book!

How do dinosaurs go to school?

Do they roar out of turn?

No..They help out their classmates and are good listeners!

Decorating a dino mask

Wow! Look at that Triceratops!

Yum, Animal Crackers!

Are you having as much fun as we are learning about dinosaurs??

I love dinosaur coloring pages!!

Making a dinosaur mask is hard work

What color were the dinosaurs?

Look at that dinosaur! Roar!

Look how many horns that dinosaur has!

This bedtime was a ROARIN’ good time! Join us next month for Astronaut Handbook!

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Summer Youth Classes – Day 5; Session 2

It’s the final day of our Summer Youth Classes, and we’re sad to see our campers go. We hope they had a blast learning new things about art, science, engineering, and history!

You want me to paint with a sponge?!

Patty from Lubbock's Water Dept. came to teach us the value of conserving water resources!

What kind of dinosaur are you making?

Super cool Triceratops

Wow, what a great color wheel

Quite a work of art

Our fashion campers checking out the Wedding Dress Exhibition

What a long veil

Looking very stylish in the wedding gear

Excellent owls, boys.

Putting the finishing touches on their dress

Look at that teamwork!

Wow, what a great painting!

Using different art mediums makes for cool paintings

Beautiful paintings by our little Picassos!

Showing off their art work

Wow, those nocturnal creature masks are spooky!

Great job on the dress, girls!

What a fun week full of exciting, hands-on activities! We hope to see all our campers back next year to learn more about what the Museum has to offer!

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Summer Youth Classes – Day 4; Session 2

It was our 4th day of learning fun, new things during our week of Summer Youth Classes. Explore the exciting photos from the day:

Learning about more nighttime creatures

Teamwork required for draping fabric

Checking out some interesting ivory carvings

African Art gallery - cool!

Erosion in action!

Did the levee break?

Dinosaur construction in progress

Preparing her assemblage

Finishing up some beautiful dress work

Check out my dinosaur!

Ooo a blue box assemblage

Inventing a plant

This blue looks beautiful

What a pretty dress!

That's a magnificent mobile

Werewolves are nocturnal animals, too!

Look at the butterfly on that kite!

Blue kite tail - cool!

Ooo that plant has pinecones

Let's go fly a kite!

Look at it soar!

It's a bird, it's a plane....

Tomorrow is our last day – see ya Friday!

Summer Youth Classes – Day 3; Session 2

Our third day of camp was full of messy, hands-on fun! Check out some of the wonderful photos of the kids having a blast in their afternoon classes!

Learning about night time critters

What comes out at night?

Learning how to accessorize!

Studying the works of Andy Warhol

What does a polar bear skull feel like?

Yikes - those are some big teeth!

The paleontologist has a question...

Hm, orange looks good...

Beginning her drip painting

Where do we start?

Working on some stylish bib necklaces

Love those colors!

Owls are nocturnal hunters

Working like Mr. Warhol

Ooo same T. rex skull, different colors!

Creating a suit to survive an avalanch

Better make some warm snow boots!

That splatter painting is looking great!

Getting some advice from a true artist

Ice cube races! How quick can you make your ice cube melt?

Is your ice cube melting quickly?

Whoa, check it out!

Learning how to re-create Andy Warhol's images

Looks like a masterpiece in the making

Our artists don't mind getting messy!

Sometimes toes are much more fun than a paintbrush!

Checkin' out what's inside their paleontology field kits...

Completeing an arctic habitat

Wow, what a fun day! We will surely have even more fun tomorrow!

Summer Youth Classes – Day 2; Session 2

Our second day of camp with all the kids was great!  We learned new skills, new knowledge, and new ways to have fun!

Learning all about still life

Sketching a future masterpiece

What better way to learn about dinosaurs than to go see some in the Museum?

How long was T. rex's tail?

Future fashion designers

Are crayons, markers, or pencils best?

Sometimes you need a buddy to help ya get ready

Designing a pink wedding gown!

Carefully draping and measuring fabric

What color ribbon should I use?

Teamwork necessary when designing new clothes

That's one scary nocturnal bug!

Consulting with other artists

Checking out the tornado swirling in the bottle

Playing some tornado tag!

Beautiful piece of abstract art!

That’s all for day 2 of classes. See you tomorrow!

Summer Youth Classes – Day 1; Session 2

Our second set of Summer Youth Classes was held Monday afternoon. These classes were on a variety of cool art and science topics, such as:

  • Earth Alert: Natural Disasters
  • Pequeno Pecassos
  • Creatures of the Night
  • Diggin’ Up Dinos
  • Abstraction Action
  • Fashion Studio

Our campers did a lot of great hands-on activities while learning some valuable knowledge about all these subjects.  Check out the pictures to see the kids at work!

Our Fashion Studio students learning all about style

Gearing up to make a masterpiece

Making an abstract work of art

Making craters with different sized meteors

Learning how to be a fashionista

Future Picassos discussing their art

Which animals sleep all day and play all night?

Bat, owls, and mice are active at night

Hm, what is abstract art?

Piecing together Pangaea

What can supercontinents tell us about our past?

Constructing volcanoes

Getting ready for eruption

Showing us how Picasso uses different shapes in his art

Putting together shapes for Picasso-like paintings

Consulting about a new clothing line

Post-eruption, cleaning up the "lava"

These classes were a great end to our Monday. Let’s see what fun activities we do tomorrow!

Bizarre Prehistoric Beasts – Day 2

Today at camp we learned all about creepy creatures of the Mesozoic Era, including dinosaurs, swimming and flying reptiles, and other amphibians and lizards that thrived at this time.

We started the afternoon with another mock dig site, this time of a Metoposaur–a giant salamander-like creature from the Triassic!

Measuring the length of the skeleton

How long is the body?

Measuring the disarticulated leg...

Next, we were fortunate enough to have the Assistant Curator of Paleontology, Bill Mueller, show us around the Fossil Prep lab at the Museum!

Bill showing us some Texas geology

Pointing out some current paleo. projects in the lab

Preparing fossils require extreme patience

The sandbox is a great space for holding fossils with wet glue

Which is the original, which is the cast?

An airscribe is used to remove rock from the fossil

Not all fossils are large, some are teeny, tiny!

We headed back to the classroom to review the Geologic Time Scale to learn about the Mesozoic Era.

Hmm... Helicoprion belongs in which Era?

Working together to put fossils with their correct time period

Then, it was important to learn the differences between true dinosaurs, swimming reptiles, and flying reptiles (Pterosaurs are NOT dinosaurs!)

Is this a true dinosaur?

Dinosaurs don't have flippers, either!

Next, we went to check out some dinosaur skeletons in the Changing World gallery. Which dinosaur do you think is the most bizarre?

What do you notice about the skull of Triceratops?

Can you see the chevrons?

Passing around the metoposaur interclavicle (cool!)

How is Chasmosaurus different than Triceratops?

Finally, we finished up by learning how fossil casts are made using molds and plaster. We mixed up our own plaster to pour into T. rex tooth molds!

Mixing the plaster in the water

Make sure you pour plaster into the water, not vice versa!

Carefully pouring the plaster

Once the plaster feels like pancake batter, that means it's ready to pour

Carefully filling the tooth molds...

We will let our T. rex teeth dry overnight and learn how to paint them to mimic real fossils!  We learned a lot about new dinosaurs, and even new non-dinosaurs, today, and we’ll unveil even more bizarre prehistoric creatures tomorrow!