Science Day at MoTTU

 On Saturday, November 5, we had a day of fun and exploration!

 In the Sculpture Court many tables were set up (–stations, really) so that our visitors could practice experiements, solve puzzles, and look at things in new and intresting ways. 

 Below we are happy to share some photographs of the day, and we thank  all of the families, and our volunteers, for making the day so fun.

 If you have any questions about the projects you see here, please contact  the Education Division at the Museum of Texas Tech  University,

"What is this and where does it go?"

We had kids of all ages join us for Science Day...

"Wow! Excellent job building that, uh...that tower-thing (what is it?)"

"Ah, yes...the old Exploding Lava Trick!"

Thanks to generous funding from the Helen Jones Foundation, the Education Division has been able to purchase many supplies, tools, and kits that can help our visitors learn and discover more about the world that we live in. People of all ages really enjoyed using several different kinds of connective sets of parts, allowing them to make crazy cars, DNA chains, imaginative reptiles, and more.

We planned lots of experiments that were fun, stinky, gross, etc….

    Our volunteers had fun and helped us have fun, too….

The microscope was VERY popular…

“Oh, wow, that is cool!!”

“How does it do that?!”

"Goggles on for safety!"

   “I don’t know where that part goes, hmm….”


"I made a bubble and can hold it in my hand!"

Tall or short, anyone can make bubbles!

Thank you for visiting. We hope that you can join us on December 3, Saturday,

from 1 – 4 for Holiday Workshop at the Museum.

You can make several holiday themed prizes, great for gifts or decorating for your winter holiday.

Everything is free and you get to keep and take home what you make!

(Santa and cookies will be there, too!)


Bedtime at the Museum, Nov. 4, 2011

For this evening, our book is, Just So thankful...

This story is so good, even the dinosaur on the wall wants to listen in...wonder what dinosaurs are thankful for...? hmm....

Let's put our mats away before we make something wonderful...

Come on, let's go! Time for art supplies (---and cookies and punch!!)

A Wreath of Thanks...what are you thankful for...?

so many leaves...much to do!

Yes, well, sometimes I let Mom do the work, she gets such a kick out of it, you know?

Oh yes, cowgirls like art, too!

Dad, watch me and I will show you how...

Having fun sure works up an appetite!!

Crumbs on my face? Really? Wonder how those got there....!

I'm in my jammies, making art, having fun, oh yeah!!

Check out these bunny hoppers!!

(What else is there to say...?)

See you next time! Happy Thanksgiving!!

NASBI visits the Museum

We were fortunate enough to have the Native American Summer Bridge Institute visit the Museum on Thursday morning for a class all about forensic science!

We started the morning by learning what techniques are used for examining the unique features in fingerprints…

Do you see any whorls or arches?

Finding points of identification

Next, Brittany taught us how to use magnetic powder to lift latent prints off of different surfaces.

Carefully dusting for prints

Sweeping magnetic powder across the surface

Finger prints have dots, islands, and arches

Next, we ventured downstairs to investigate a mock crime scene where an art heist had taken place!

Sketching the crime scene

Making sure to draw all the evidence

Every detail is important

Evidence bags for collecting important specimens

Carefully collecting evidence at the scene of the crime

An orange powder that glows under UV light can be used to further dust for latent prints at the scene of the crime. We had to wear these big goggles to protect our eyes from the UV light.

Using the special orange magnetic powder to dust for prints

Using the orange powder to dust where the painting was taken off the wall

All surfaces are important at a crime scene

To finish up the class, we headed back to the classroom to use our fingerprint lifting techniques on our recently collected evidence from the crime scene.

Lifting prints from the evidence collected at the scene

Checking out the crime scene sketch for further details

Who do you think committed the crime?

Closely examining more evidence

Objects like water bottles are important because they can contain latent prints and saliva

Successfully lifted some great prints!

We had a lot of fun teaching these students about forensics, and hopefully inspired some of them to pursue a career in this field! We hope they’ll come back and learn more at the Museum next year!

Take Me Out to the Museum – Family Baseball Day

At the Museum, our 4th of July was spent playing the all-American sport of baseball! We invited families to stop by and make their own baseball cap, design a pennant, play some baseball bingo, and even hit some home runs!

Check out some of the fun photos from our Baseball Family Day held in conjunction with the exhibition: We Are the Ship

Throw a home run

Throwing 2 balls at once - nice strategy!

Decorating a baseball cap

Just like baseball fans get foam-fingers to cheer for their favorite teams, we gave visitors the opportunity to decorate their own “foam”-finger!

Representing the pink team

What team are you cheering for?

Decorating a pennant for his favorite team

Baseball caps can be any color you want!

We were fortunate to have music studies students from TTU volunteer their time to play classic baseball hits, like “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.

Future Bach?

Anyone have Bingo?

Did you throw a home run?

We were so lucky to have “Hitters Row” there that afternoon to play some baseball with kids, and teach them the proper way to hit and throw, too!

Winding up to smack that curve-ball!

One of the most fun stations was the “7th Inning Stretch” where kids (and adults) could participate in an obstacle course!  They had to spin around the bat 5 times, crawl through a tube, jump through a latter, and weave in-and-out of cones before racing to finish line.

This was so much fun to watch!  The kids had a blast!

5 spins around the bat...

High knees!

Even the little ones wanted to try the obstacle course

We let the big kids have some fun, too 🙂

It's a little harder for the big kids to fit through the tiny tubes...

Working as a family team to color a baseball cap

On your mark... get set...

Crawling through the tubes is a piece of cake when you're little!

There was also some sibling rivelry...

Nice hit!

Winding up for a big throw

Which team are your cheering for?

Practicing pitching

Looks like a fast-ball to me!

Looks like one for the blue team, one for the green team

Showing off her award-winning medal

Getting ready to hit a grand slam!

Check out that agility!

Wow, those pennants look great!

Future Babe Ruth

Playing some catch

Working hard on his foam finger

That's a serious hitting stance

Grand slam, out of the park!

Working hard to design a pennant

Picture with our baseball mannequin family

Go team, go!

In the afternoon, guests from the College Baseball Hall of Fame joined us for a Black College Baseball panel discussion, very interesting.

Black College Baseball Panel Discussion

Take Me Out to the Museum was a great success!  We hope visitors enjoyed playing some baseball while checking out our interesting travel exhibition: We Are the Ship.  We hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!

Take Me Out to the Museum – Preview

Hey Museum fans!  Looking for something fun to do with your family over the 4th of July weekend?  Come check out our Baseball Family Day at the Museum!

Sat., July 2
FREE family event
11 am – 4 pm
Be sure to wear some baseball gear from your favorite team!
ALL ages welcome

Sneak peek of some of the fun to come for this weekend:

Some quick facts about Ms. Chunn, all-star pitcher

Baseball cap- check, Pennant- check

Make a pennant for your favorite team, create an award-winning medal, and design your own baseball cap!

Go Cubs, go!

Ball park-style food will also be available for purchase from Steak Express and Caprock AMBUCS MOB.

Hitters Row will be at the Museum from 1 – 3 pm to show kids the proper hitting stance and how to throw a baseball.

Questions?  Contact the Education Division: