Science Day at MoTTU

 On Saturday, November 5, we had a day of fun and exploration!

 In the Sculpture Court many tables were set up (–stations, really) so that our visitors could practice experiements, solve puzzles, and look at things in new and intresting ways. 

 Below we are happy to share some photographs of the day, and we thank  all of the families, and our volunteers, for making the day so fun.

 If you have any questions about the projects you see here, please contact  the Education Division at the Museum of Texas Tech  University,

"What is this and where does it go?"

We had kids of all ages join us for Science Day...

"Wow! Excellent job building that, uh...that tower-thing (what is it?)"

"Ah, yes...the old Exploding Lava Trick!"

Thanks to generous funding from the Helen Jones Foundation, the Education Division has been able to purchase many supplies, tools, and kits that can help our visitors learn and discover more about the world that we live in. People of all ages really enjoyed using several different kinds of connective sets of parts, allowing them to make crazy cars, DNA chains, imaginative reptiles, and more.

We planned lots of experiments that were fun, stinky, gross, etc….

    Our volunteers had fun and helped us have fun, too….

The microscope was VERY popular…

“Oh, wow, that is cool!!”

“How does it do that?!”

"Goggles on for safety!"

   “I don’t know where that part goes, hmm….”


"I made a bubble and can hold it in my hand!"

Tall or short, anyone can make bubbles!

Thank you for visiting. We hope that you can join us on December 3, Saturday,

from 1 – 4 for Holiday Workshop at the Museum.

You can make several holiday themed prizes, great for gifts or decorating for your winter holiday.

Everything is free and you get to keep and take home what you make!

(Santa and cookies will be there, too!)


Bedtime at the Museum, Nov. 4, 2011

For this evening, our book is, Just So thankful...

This story is so good, even the dinosaur on the wall wants to listen in...wonder what dinosaurs are thankful for...? hmm....

Let's put our mats away before we make something wonderful...

Come on, let's go! Time for art supplies (---and cookies and punch!!)

A Wreath of Thanks...what are you thankful for...?

so many leaves...much to do!

Yes, well, sometimes I let Mom do the work, she gets such a kick out of it, you know?

Oh yes, cowgirls like art, too!

Dad, watch me and I will show you how...

Having fun sure works up an appetite!!

Crumbs on my face? Really? Wonder how those got there....!

I'm in my jammies, making art, having fun, oh yeah!!

Check out these bunny hoppers!!

(What else is there to say...?)

See you next time! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Bedtime @ The Museum – August

For this month’s Bedtime @ The Museum  we read How Do Dinosaurs Go To School? and made a Triceratops mask.  Since everyone was getting ready to go back to school next week, we thought this was an excellent bedtime book!

How do dinosaurs go to school?

Do they roar out of turn?

No..They help out their classmates and are good listeners!

Decorating a dino mask

Wow! Look at that Triceratops!

Yum, Animal Crackers!

Are you having as much fun as we are learning about dinosaurs??

I love dinosaur coloring pages!!

Making a dinosaur mask is hard work

What color were the dinosaurs?

Look at that dinosaur! Roar!

Look how many horns that dinosaur has!

This bedtime was a ROARIN’ good time! Join us next month for Astronaut Handbook!

Questions about children’s programs at the Museum?                      Contact the Museum’s Education Division:                                              806.742.2432                                                              

Toddler Tuesday – August

This Toddler Tuesday was spent learning all about how to keep our bodies healthy and happy.  We learned about which foods belong in each food group, what kinds of foods to fill our plates up with, and even did some fun exercises!

We started by learning a little about the human skeleton and all our body parts by singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”:

Headdd...shoulders, knees, and toes...

...and eyes, and ears, and mouth, and nose

Where are your noses?

Does anyone have a glass of milk with dinner?

Show me your knees!

Next, we learned what foods are healthy to eat, and which foods to stay away from.

Is this a healthy or unhealthy food?

Are all these foods unhealthy?

Say cheese with mom!

These all look like healthy foods

Working together to sort the food

Then, Brittany taught us which foods belong in the different food groups, and what types of foods we should put on our dinner plates.

Hm, is bread a grain or vegetable?

Mom says to put some chicken on my plate

Cutting out all the different foods

Someone's having fun working on their dinner plate!

Where should I put the spinach, mom?

Hm, watermelon or pineapple?

Looks like all the food groups filled up his plate!

Your plate looks like it has some yummy food

Lastly, we headed outside to learn how exercise can keep us healthy. We raced through an obstacle course to get our heart rates up!

Hop like a bunny through the hoops!

Made it through the tunnel!

Weave through the cones quickly!

Anybody in there?

Hop like a kangaroo...

Whew, that was hard work!

We had a great time this Tuesday learning all about healthy bodies. We hope to see everyone back next month for a morning learning all about animals!