Changes in our schedule

Saturday@theMuseum will not be on the third Saturday of the month in October, November or December. Instead we ask that you join the Education Division on….

October 25th for “Fossil Day meets Bat Day” from 1-4 pm. Join the Education Division to celebrate and learn about fossils and bats. Talk to real experts, do arts and crafts, and have some fun.

You will also learn a little about the Natural Science Research Laboratory which is housed in the museum building. They like BATS. The Natural Science Research Laboratory (NSRL) is a division of the Museum of Texas Tech University committed to the mission of building and preserving a library of our planet’s natural heritage for education and research purposes.

November 22nd is “Science Made Simple Day” from 1 to 4 pm. In the past, this education division day has featured physics, weather, and other scientific study. Come to learn some science!

On December 6th join the Education Division for “Holiday@theMuseum” from 1 to 4 pm. Holiday crafts and activities will be featured.

Regular Saturday@theMuseum will resume in January, 2015.

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