Sunday Storytellers: El Pajaro de Mil Colores

Yesterday’s Sunday Storytellers was a short puppet show telling the story of El Pajaro de Mil Colores – The Bird of a Thousand Colors.

It is a traditional Latin American folktale, though its origin cannot be pinpointed exactly.  The story tells of a small colorful bird who lives deep in the forest.  One day, the birds decide to choose a new King, and the little bird lends his feathers to the Turkey, who ends up being chosen.  However, the Turkey becomes very arrogant and refuses to give the feathers back, and all the birds learn a lesson about choosing a leader based on appearances.  There is a saying in Latin America, “You can’t tell a lot about a bird just by looking at his feathers”.

After the puppet show, everyone made their own Pajaro de Mil Colores puppets from paper bags.  It was great seeing all the creative ways everyone placed the wings on their birds, and the colors they chose.

Join us again next Sunday, January 22 at 2:30pm, when we will read the book El Cucuy! by Joe Hays and Honorio Robledo.  El Cucuy is similar to the Bogeyman, and stories about him are found throughout Latin America.  The story is often told to children who are misbehaving, to get them to behave again.  After the story we will work with Crayola Model Magic to sculpt our own Cucuys.

Clicking the picture of the book will take you to the page for it, where you’ll find a synopsis and reviews.

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