Bedtime at the Museum, Nov. 4, 2011

For this evening, our book is, Just So thankful...

This story is so good, even the dinosaur on the wall wants to listen in...wonder what dinosaurs are thankful for...? hmm....

Let's put our mats away before we make something wonderful...

Come on, let's go! Time for art supplies (---and cookies and punch!!)

A Wreath of Thanks...what are you thankful for...?

so many leaves...much to do!

Yes, well, sometimes I let Mom do the work, she gets such a kick out of it, you know?

Oh yes, cowgirls like art, too!

Dad, watch me and I will show you how...

Having fun sure works up an appetite!!

Crumbs on my face? Really? Wonder how those got there....!

I'm in my jammies, making art, having fun, oh yeah!!

Check out these bunny hoppers!!

(What else is there to say...?)

See you next time! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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