Toddler Tuesday at Museum of Texas Tech — October 11, 2011

Color…and lots of it!

Today at the Museum of Texas Tech University, we made some magic:

…mixing 3 colors to make new colors; crafting Color Caterpillars; and creating captivating canvases of colossal COLORS!!

Just another exciting day in our Toddler Tuesday program.

Join us in November, when we consider the fall season and all that happens when the air turns a bit chilly outside.

A fuzzy, color caterpillar is a fun way to learn about color...

My caterpillar --- how long do I have to hold him up?

Dipping, stirring, swishing, swirling...much to do when painting.

yes, exactly the way I want it...

Ah, yes...I see how you do that...

just right---

oh yeah, this is fun!!

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