Bedtime @ The Museum – August

For this month’s Bedtime @ The Museum  we read How Do Dinosaurs Go To School? and made a Triceratops mask.  Since everyone was getting ready to go back to school next week, we thought this was an excellent bedtime book!

How do dinosaurs go to school?

Do they roar out of turn?

No..They help out their classmates and are good listeners!

Decorating a dino mask

Wow! Look at that Triceratops!

Yum, Animal Crackers!

Are you having as much fun as we are learning about dinosaurs??

I love dinosaur coloring pages!!

Making a dinosaur mask is hard work

What color were the dinosaurs?

Look at that dinosaur! Roar!

Look how many horns that dinosaur has!

This bedtime was a ROARIN’ good time! Join us next month for Astronaut Handbook!

Questions about children’s programs at the Museum?                      Contact the Museum’s Education Division:                                              806.742.2432                                                              

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