Bedtime @ the Museum – July

For this month’s Bedtime @ the Museum we read the Pout-Pout Fish and made a fun set of pouty and kissy lips.  The book was all about a sad fish that wouldn’t cheer up until he got a lovely kiss from another fish in the sea!

First, before we begin the story, it’s very important to get all our wiggles out!


I'm a sad fish... blub, blub, blub

Our audience had some very good listeners

A kiss from a fish was all it took to cheer him up!

Making some pout-pout lips

Thanks, mom! Pretty lips

Mmm... beditme snacks are the best

Using glitter requires great concentration

Family teamwork

Apple juice - yum!

Blub, blub, blub lips

Where's your yummy cookie?

Listening to the story with their new pout-pout lips

This bedtime was full of fishy fun! Join us next month for some more story time fun!

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