NASBI visits the Museum

We were fortunate enough to have the Native American Summer Bridge Institute visit the Museum on Thursday morning for a class all about forensic science!

We started the morning by learning what techniques are used for examining the unique features in fingerprints…

Do you see any whorls or arches?

Finding points of identification

Next, Brittany taught us how to use magnetic powder to lift latent prints off of different surfaces.

Carefully dusting for prints

Sweeping magnetic powder across the surface

Finger prints have dots, islands, and arches

Next, we ventured downstairs to investigate a mock crime scene where an art heist had taken place!

Sketching the crime scene

Making sure to draw all the evidence

Every detail is important

Evidence bags for collecting important specimens

Carefully collecting evidence at the scene of the crime

An orange powder that glows under UV light can be used to further dust for latent prints at the scene of the crime. We had to wear these big goggles to protect our eyes from the UV light.

Using the special orange magnetic powder to dust for prints

Using the orange powder to dust where the painting was taken off the wall

All surfaces are important at a crime scene

To finish up the class, we headed back to the classroom to use our fingerprint lifting techniques on our recently collected evidence from the crime scene.

Lifting prints from the evidence collected at the scene

Checking out the crime scene sketch for further details

Who do you think committed the crime?

Closely examining more evidence

Objects like water bottles are important because they can contain latent prints and saliva

Successfully lifted some great prints!

We had a lot of fun teaching these students about forensics, and hopefully inspired some of them to pursue a career in this field! We hope they’ll come back and learn more at the Museum next year!

1 thought on “NASBI visits the Museum

  1. This is so interesting!!! I am so happy that these kids got to experience such wonderful science-based programming at MoTTU!!
    Natalie and Brittany and Bill are amazing…..

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