Bedtime @ the Museum – “Baseball”

At this month’s Bedtime @ the Museum we learned all about baseball by reading Alex Rodriguez’s book: Out of the Ballpark.

Everyone gathered around to listen to Jessica read our story…

The batter steps up to the plate...

...and smacks a home run!

Next, we headed back into the classroom to make our own baseball pennants! Kids were given all different materials to use to create a unique pennant about their favorite sports.

What is your pennant going to say?

Which team are you cheering for?

Looks like she's a soccer fan!

Family teamwork!

Even Superman makes pennants!

Go team, go!

Ready to cheer on her team!

Ready for the game!

Rootin' for the orange team!

That is one very spirited pennant!

While working on their pennants, kids are given a bedtime snack, a cookie, and some juice to enjoy. We always have a blast at Bedtime and hope everyone will join us again in July!

Questions about Family Programs at the Museum of TTU?
Contact the Education Division to learn more:

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