Junior Einsteins – Day 2

Today is Wednesday and we spent the morning learning all about paleontology, fossils, and dinosaurs!

We started the day with a trip to the “Changing World” gallery where we saw all the giant prehistoric creatures!

Our first look at the giant pterosaur (Quetzalcoatlus) hanging from the ceiling

Comparing phytosaurs to crocodiles

Why does he have such a long neck?

Next, we dug in the dirt to find some dinosaur footprints…

Check out the fossil footprints we found!

Cleaning fossils is hard work

Paleontologists in the making

What color were dinosaur footprints?

Learning all the characteristics of dinosaurs

To finish up the day, we learned all about the different defense mechanisms of dinosaurs. This includes spikes, horns, frill, and plates, just like those that Stegosaurus has down his back. We made our own stegosaur plates to transform ourselves into well protected dinosaurs!

Coloring some stegosaur plates

How many plates does a stegosaur have?

Excited to learn about some dinos!

Being a paleontologist requires great focus

Table full of armor!

Assembling the plates

Finished product! Awesome armor!

A dinosaur reading a book about a dinosaur

A herd of stegosaurs!

Today was a lot of fun! Tomorrow we’ll learn all about outer space!

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